Mobility Scenario

Intelligent Transportation enabled unmanned trucks in a port, manufacture…, provided Ultra high bandwidth guaranteed performance.

Automobile adopted multiple telecom carriers with seamless connectivity, efficiency improved by network bandwidth aggregation.

It brings applications benefits of bi-directional supervision and control, seamless roaming in switching network just like real wired connection, and adaptive virtual channel highly increased security level for operations, plug-n-play by zero configuration within existing infrastructure, truly optimizes OPEX and highly reduce CAPEX. The most breakthrough is within 150 ms reconnect latency, more than 100x fast compare to industry.

Edge Solution

industrial graphs 2

edgeWares provides low layer protocol which is application technology agnostic. All legacy and new applications can use it.

edgeWares is a networking solution (SW+HW) that links up multiple sites/machines/vehicles through patented (pending) layer-2 network tunnel technology.

edgeWares replaces traditional approach such as VPNor IPSecwhich focus on fixed-line.

edgeWares is designed for high speedmobile network to achieve fast tunnel building. It is crucial for mission critical applications such as supervision of AGV, unmanned truck, smart bus, etc.

# We can regain control of remote vehicles in < 150 ms compare to the traditionalway of 10 seconds or few minutes.

Mobility Edge Computing

Seamless Roaming in radio network