We success industrial and enterprise to
accelerate monetization in 5G era.

Success Story
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edgeWares nDrift (layer-2 tunnel building features)
create a Layer-2 virtual network which bridges the
communication from QC application on datacenter to
production cameras over 5G network. 

Remotely Real-Time
Monitoring and Analysis
for Automotive
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Implement edgeWares solution as the Smart 5G CPE
nDrift (layer-2 tunnel building feature) create a seamless
channel, and nMerge performs the 4G/5G data
aggregation as well as fail-over network switch, both
patented technology secure the reliability of connection
during fast movement.
A Connected Fully
Equipped Ambulance
Controlled and
Operated by Remote
Center over 5G network
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edgeWares  product is a solution designed with easy
setup and centralized management. edgeWares nDrift 
(tunnel building features) create virtual tunnels
between all the chain stores and HQ datacenter for
synchronizing & securing marketing data. nSplite 
offers adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize
different data for big data analysis purpose in this case.
Management and
Synchronize Nationwide
Chain Store System in
Encryption mode,
by Unsupervised.
5G Industrial
Breakthrough technology capable for less than 150ms reconnect latency in ultra-high bandwidth radio network, it’s 100x fast compare to industry.
  • Multi-location of Branches
  • Multiple Applications and Priority
  • Mix of Network Infrastructures
  • Cross Border MNCs
  • Hybrid Layer 2 Networking Technology for DCI

An advance solution of virtual network control and management for 5G fast roaming applications. Solution works by eBrain and e-bridge.

Why edgeWares ?

Deploy edgeWares

Leverage eSix Solution

  • Fast deployment
  • Lower OpEx with small team
  • Lower training cost


Superb eSix Solution

  • Large scale deployment and replication, thousand grade
  • Ultra-Low Instant reconnect < 150ms
  • Ultra-High bandwidth QoS adaption
Cost Advantage of Private Line in Public Network

80% Cost Down relative to traditional VPN

eSix Patented Technology

Layer 2 technology fit for all applications, support massive equipment easily.

Address high speed mobile network with fast moving objects. Best for 5G environment.

Tunnel handover at least 100x times faster.
Regain control of vehicles within 0.15s.

Plug n Play, Zero conguration, central management: Low CAPEX and OPEX.

Enhanced security on wireless.

eSix Attacks 5G Industrial Rollout Pain Points

Critical component for 5g application success

edgeWares benefits

Instant Tunnel Building

With 150 ms tunnel building time, it allows remote control of smart vehicles such as unmanned truck, smart bus, AGV, etc

Application Awareness

It able to set priority of different applications on the bandwidth allocation, routing, security, etc You can fully utilize your available resources

Central Management

Simplifies network provisioning and the management.
Easy for network planning, operation.


Utilize the available network, reduce manpower requirement, PnP of remote site setup. It largely reduces the cost.