Business Scenario Solutions

Remote Maintenance

Remote multiple devices to improve efficiency

Unified operation, maintenance and management

Multi-device screen monitoring and abnormal status monitoring

Batch deployment to improve management efficiency

Support unified deployment and unified configuration

Security protection and monitoring

Provide security logs

Data Transfer

Solve real-time data collection, transmission and security control

Independent transmission data channel

Encrypted transmission strategy is adopted through IPfiber technology to ensure that customers with different access rights will not suffer from loss or leakage when receiving and obtaining data.

NAT traversal, Stable connection on Internetwork

multiple networking methods and priorities to prevent network abnormalities.

Compatible with multi-industry equipment

Reduce obstacles to data interconnection.

Industrial IoT

Provide access and management capabilities for massive devices

Enable data interoperability with the Internet at any time

4G/5G terminals realize remote device data secure collection and unified integration into remote data centers

Easily integrates different types of equipment

Use SDM to achieve data interoperability, Remotely connect serial devices

Operate and maintain remote equipment anytime and anywhere

Easily integrate various devices to achieve cloud operation and maintenance and troubleshooting

Security Camera

Remote multi-point monitoring and centralized management

Streamline operations, eliminating the need for on-site presence.

Establish a centralized management platform, allowing administrators to remotely view and manage monitoring devices in real-time.

Establish seamless connectivity for data across multiple locations.

Achieve compatibility across diverse network environments and establish connectivity for monitoring devices with varying standards.

Ensure information security and safeguard data transmission.

Implement RSA/AES asymmetric encryption for secure transmission.

Get Opportunity to Save Yourself Time & Money by using SDM

With its more complicated structure, mesh network has so many advantages, compared with the traditional linear network.

Network Everywhere

Greater coverage

Stable Network

Zero failover time

Save Money & Time

Configure and fix on your own

Higher Productivity

Platform-based real-time management

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