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Challenges Most organisations faced

Unstable WiFi

Most business using traditional networks which may use very old infrastructure setting, so their network either get slow or get disconnected all the time, always producing trouble to most enterprises in addition lower their productivities

Insecure Public Network

A virtual private network (VPN) connection is a must when connecting to your business through an unsecured connection, like a Wi-Fi hotspot, by using eSIX, all the network data is securely encrypted, best solutions especially for cloud services.

Legacy Infrastructure

Old networking technologies had been used by many organisations for many years, business environment is changing all the times , more bandwidth and data services requirement is increasing everyday, eSIX able to break those limitations and make everything possible

High maintenance cost

Networking for most business is always a pinpoint, it consumes a lot of IT resources for maintaining IoT product to be workable, by using eSIX infrastructure, we help business to transform it into a non-breakable, stable, reliable and easy-managed network


✓ Non-breakable

✓ Continuous network

✓ Auto-switch

Seamless Failover

In the event of the network disconnection, it will switch to another connection at the same time, this ensure that all IoT connected devices will continue working without interruption. For example, downloading a large file will not be disconnected when connection breaks.

✓ Improve Consistency

✓ Signal Strengthened

✓ Best Quality Streaming

Signals Smoothing

eSIX technology can reduce the packet lost and also filling the connectivity gap which can make the video streaming continuously and signals being strengthened. Clear video is being delivered.

✓ Network Stability

✓ Faster Speed

✓ Stable Connection

Speed Enhancement

By combining data at the packet level using bandwidth bonding, you can increase the speed of many connections. In circumstances where bandwidth is limited, this is helpful. Branch offices can now link to the main office at faster speeds with this technology.

✓ Easily Control System

✓ Save IT Cost

✓ Control Globally

Central Management

With eSIX central management, business can control every IoT products in ONE point, this saves the continuous IT cost but also the maintenance time , with our 5G compatible routers, all devices are manageable easily.