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Most organisations faced
As the demand for high-speed Metro Ethernet as a private network solution continues to grow in the Enterprise sector and Industry 4.0, the challenge of establishing a reliable last-mile connection for these networks remains a persistent issue.

High Cost

Private networks incur significant expenses in terms of installation, maintenance, operation, and rental, making it a costly option for enterprises, Industry 4.0, and smart cities.

Lack of Flexibility

Private networks lack flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. The rigid nature of these networks restricts their suitability for dynamic and agile environments.

Time to Market

The planning and implementation process for Private networks is time-consuming, hindering the ability to quickly capture market opportunities. This delay can be detrimental in fast-paced industries.

Limited Mobility

Private networks are fixed-line solutions, lacking the mobility required for transportation and other mobile scenarios. This limitation restricts the network's ability to support the mobility needs of modern applications.

Limited Availability

Not all buildings have the infrastructure to support Private networks, and in some areas, there may be a complete absence of wired connections. This lack of availability can pose challenges for organizations operating in such locations.


Low cost ethernet private network
The eSIX IPfiber technology enables the creation of a low-cost Ethernet private network that can be implemented on any existing infrastructure, including Internet Broadband, 5G, and 4G networks. This innovative solution significantly reduces both deployment and operational costs associated with establishing a private layer-2 network.

✓ Non-breakable

✓ Continuous network

✓ Auto-switch


In the event of a network disconnection, the system seamlessly transitions to an alternative connection, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation for all connected machines or devices. This robust failover mechanism ensures that critical tasks, such as downloading large files, remain unaffected even in the presence of connection disruptions. As a result, the network's reliability is significantly enhanced, providing a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

✓ Improve Consistency

✓ Signal Strengthened

✓ Best Quality Streaming

Signals Smoothing

eSIX technology can reduce the packet lost and also filling the connectivity gap which can make the video streaming continuously and signals being strengthened. Clear video is being delivered.

✓ Network Stability

✓ Faster Speed

✓ Stable Connection

Speed Enhancement

By combining data at the packet level using bandwidth bonding, you can increase the speed of many connections. In circumstances where bandwidth is limited, this is helpful. Branch offices can now link to the main office at faster speeds with this technology.

✓ Easily Control System

✓ Save IT Cost

✓ Control Globally

Central Management

By leveraging the centralized management capabilities of eSIX SDM, businesses can effectively control and monitor all machines and devices from a single point of control. This not only eliminates the need for multiple IT resources and reduces ongoing costs, but also streamlines maintenance processes. With the added advantage of our 5G compatible routers, managing all devices becomes remarkably effortless. The combination of centralized control and 5G compatibility ensures efficient device management, saving valuable time and resources for businesses.