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We are very proud of our work in Tianjin Port, one of the Top 10 largest container ports in the world. We provide advanced and efficient 5G industrial solutions for the Tianjin Port. The use of industrial 5G assures continuous and productive operation of the logistic chain in the port. With eSIX, the operation of the port can be semi-automated, allowing the workers to control the quay cranes remotely, making it safer and more efficient.

We strive to provide our partner institutions with the ability to reach their maximum capacity using edge technology.

See our low latency advantage in video monitoring and reverse control in large deployment in the report made by CCTV (China Central Television)!






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eSIX received AIC GBA Silver Award

eSIX received AIC GBA Silver Award

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eSIX received Hong Kong ICT Silver Awards 2022 (Smart Mobillity Award)

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eSIX participated in the SPRINTER 2 programme