eSIX Limited has announced that its network solutions are now helping ports worldwide to leverage the power of 5G technology

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Hong Kong, 18 May 2023 - eSIX Limited has announced that its network solutions are now helping ports worldwide to leverage the power of 5G technology to enhance their operations and improve efficiency. The company's IPfiber technology enables seamless integration of 5G connectivity, providing ports with ultra-fast speeds, low latency, and reliable connections.

The benefits of 5G in ports are numerous, including real-time monitoring of vessel movements, better coordination, and optimized docking processes. Additionally, 5G enables smart security systems, ensuring the safety of goods and personnel. With faster data transfer rates, ports can handle massive amounts of data, facilitating smoother logistics operations.
eSIX is proud to be at the forefront of this technological transformation, working closely with ports to deploy and manage 5G networks. In partnership with Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), the company has successfully deployed 5G technology at the container terminals under HPH's Hong Kong operations. Working with 3HK, eSIX solutions have enabled ultra-high-speed, low latency, and massive machine-type communications at the HPH Trust Hong Kong terminals.

The terminals are running three pilot projects, including building a communications channel via 5G to control remote rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs), a CCTV system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) intrusion detection features at the gatehouse to strengthen the terminal's security, and another CCTV system on quay cranes (QCs) to monitor berth traffic and operations on vessels. These implementations are expected to result in reduced operating costs, improved accuracy, safety performance, and operational efficiency, according to HPH.

This milestone marks the enormous potential of 5G technology in transforming the port industry. eSIX is committed to continuing to empower ports with cutting-edge technologies that can revolutionize their business operations. The company invites interested parties to contact them to learn more about their 5G solutions and how they can help unlock new possibilities for growth and innovation.


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About eSIX Limited: eSIX Limited is a leading network technology company specializing in virtual Metro Ethernet solutions. Their patented IPfiber technology enables the creation of a 5G Metro Ethernet across cities, complementing traditional fixed-line Metro Ethernet at a fraction of the cost. With extensive experience and innovative capabilities, eSIX is committed to expanding their reach and helping businesses improve network performance while reducing costs.

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