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Smartify the city Technology Forum 2021

We had a great experience at the Technology Forum organized by OGCIO (The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer), HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council), Cyberport Hong Kong, and HKSTP (Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation). The forum, themed “Smartify the City with 5G”, gathered 300+ industry experts and government representatives to discuss how 5G can make Hong Kong a smarter city with higher quality of service and efficiency. Our CEO, Kinson Chan was honored to be invited as one of the speakers. He gave a speech about how eSIX Limited's edgeWares can provide a safe and effective solution to aid the deployment of the smart city.
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ESIX limited participated in the Start-ups Mentorship Program organized by HKSTP

eSIX limited had the pleasure of participating in the Start-ups Mentorship Program organized by HKSTP (Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation). Guidance from experienced mentors is key to safeguarding our company's future and setting us on the right path to success. We are grateful for this opportunity, from which we have learned a lot. ![ESIX Limited's booth in the mentorship program held by HKSTP]( Booth of eSIX limited ![ESIX Limited's CEO Kinson Chan (in the middle) was introducing innovative solutions to the participants in the mentorship program]( Our CEO, Kinson Chan (in the middle) was introducing eSIX Limited ‘s innovative solutions
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ESIX Limited and Grandacom Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. became Strategic Partners

Guangzhou City, China, October 15, 2020 To continuously discover the new market and provide the best services to customers, eSIX Limited and Grandacom Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. announced the strategic partnership in Guangzhou City on 15 October, 2020, to complete 5G application solution blocks in edge computing and edge-to-cloud vertical applications services. As Grandacom signed the supplier deal with eSIX, eSIX would be committed to provide the edgeWares solution for 5G Industrial and Enterprise Network application, to fulfill and enrich the Grandacom services ecosystem. In order to expand the application market, Grandacom appoints eSix to develop the 5G IoT solution and provide solution for data link to aggregate the various kinds of connections and accelerate the network sustainable reliability. To guarantee the best service of edgeWares solution for customers, eSIX authorized Grandacom to be the designated operation and maintenance service provider and ensure the services performance from edge-to-cloud and edge-cross-edge. Together as technology-and-innovation-oriented network companies, eSIX and Grandacom have the same goal of providing solutions with the art of tech to fulfill market demand, accelerate the success of our clients, and further explore beyond the boundary of their current services. ![esix_grandacom_2.jpeg]( eSIX Limited would be the provider of innovative 5G seamless edge ultra-high-speed data link solutions, which is the breakthrough patented technology to help enterprises build their network infrastructure easily and effectively. The less than 150ms ultra-low reconnect latency in 5G radio network is the unprecedented achievement in industry. Guangzhou Grandacom Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. would be the provider of the 5G edge intelligence platform services, focusing on edge acceleration, edge computing and SDX network, cooperator with the self-develop private IoT cloud to fulfill various kinds of 5G, AI, Blockchain and IoT services. eSIX Limited. Seamless 5G Edge.
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eSIX cooperated with Tianjin Port

We are very proud of our work in Tianjin Port, one of the Top 10 largest container ports in the world. We provide advanced and efficient 5G industrial solutions for the Tianjin Port. The use of industrial 5G assures continuous and productive operation of the logistic chain in the port. With eSIX, the operation of the port can be semi-automated, allowing the workers to control the quay cranes remotely, making it safer and more efficient. We strive to provide our partner institutions with the ability to reach their maximum capacity using edge technology. See our low latency advantage in video monitoring and reverse control in large deployment in the report made by CCTV (China Central Television)! (2:10) ![esix_tianjin_port.jpeg]( ![esix_tianjin_port_2.jpeg]( ![esix_tianjin_port_3.jpeg](
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GOVirtual Business Expo Conference 2021

eSIX limited exhibited at the GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference 2021 We set up a booth and exhibited at the GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference in HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre). Our CEO, Kinson Chan was honoured to introduce eSIX Limited's innovative solution — edgeWares to GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference's VIP guests. Our CEO, Kinson Chan (Second person from the left) was introducing eSIX Limited 's innovative solution — edgeWares
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Professional MBA of Mobility Management Programme

eSIX Limited CEO Kinson Chan’s online speech in the Professional MBA of Mobility Management Programme Our CEO Kinson Chan was grateful to be invited as one of the speakers of the Professional MBA of Mobility Management Programme, sharing eSIX Limited's latest development and business about mobility and introducing our innovative solution edgeWares. It was a remarkable experience for eSIX Limited to meet 40+ International MBA students, professionals and professors. Thanks ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU Vienna), Porsche Holding and HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation for organising such a great event!