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eSIX 5G Live Steaming for outdoor events

Every year, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s Swire Symphony Under The Stars concert transforms the Central Harbourfront area into a dense patchwork of music-loving picnickers which has become the Live and Online events recently, thus a real-time with fast, no latency streaming transmission. With the introduction of eSIX IPfiber, it makes 5G to act like a fiber specially used for outdoor live events.



  1. Outdoor fiber
    Setting up fiber network outdoors is nearly impossible, Solution provided by eSIX converts the Public 5G into private one which can act as the fiber, and also providing an unbreakable network

  2. Low Setup Cost
    Physical fiber usually takes time to install and includes high cost for installation, by using 5G, the only cost is the CPE (routers)

  3. 5G Smooth Steaming
    With eSIX CPE, it provides the zero failover and load balancing service in which the network becomes very stable without dropping of line. This makes the unique 5G smooth steaming service for live events


With the help of our team's eSIX On-site 5G internet solution, your event's Internet bandwidth, wired network, and WiFi connectivity are taken care of so you can concentrate on creating the ideal experience. Our networks enable the use of a range of Internet-enabled services, such as mobile apps, social media, live video streaming, ticket scanning, point-of-sale, email, gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality, by production workers, visitors, and vendors. Building outdoor networks for experiential marketing activations, trade fair pavilions, outdoor festivals, and various corporate events has been mastered by eSIX On-site Internet. For us, no outdoor project is too strange or difficult. For amphitheaters, beaches, campers, farms, floating river barges, helipads, parking lots, parks, piers, plazas, and athletic arenas, we have created specialized outdoor networks.

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