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eSIX 5G Private network in Large Port

Large Ports operate 24 Hours and 7 Days a week, they require a stable and reliable network for monitoring the operation of the crane, usually for each port, will contain 8-20 cranes operating at the same time, in addition, several cameras have been installed all around the ports. Due to its use in cargo, the latency must be very short, thus 5G has to be used in this case.


  1. Physical Damage
    Due to the continuous movement of the crane, physical damage to fiber is inevitable, this cause the connection drops, with the drops in connection, whole operation stopped

  2. High Setup Cost
    With a large area inside the port, network layering is very costly, also it consumes a lot of time for setup and installation which usually takes around more than 2 months

  3. Plug and use
    With eSIX CPE, once the IoT devices plugged into it, no installation and setup is required and all can be operated instantly, as well as we provide 7/24 technical support for all enterprices



eSIX provides the IPfiber technology enabling auto-switching to the backup network within a few micro-seconds. This saves their manpower to fix the network as well as saves their maintenance time and cost to maximize their productivity. In the Large port case, the fiber always breaks once every three months, our CPE is software-based high-level CPE, once it detects the network drops, it will auto-switch between fiber and 5G with nearly zero latency, As the financial lost for lost connectivity is around US$150 per minutes, this can increase their productivity as a result increasing their profit margin.

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