5G Private network inside Parking Lot

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eSIX 5G Private network inside Parking Lot

To maximize the use of the car park to generate more income, most car park has upgraded their IoT infrastructure to provide more vacancy information to the public as well as provide a push-up discount in real-time according to the vacancy situation. eSIX unique IPfiber technology provide a reliable, stable and sustainable network in these scenarios



  1. 5G as a fiber
    Setting up fiber network inside the car park is not an easy task, most car park locations are underground, and may be hard for install the physical fiber.

  2. Low Setup Cost
    With a large area inside the car park, network layering is very costly, also it consumes a lot of time for setup and installation which usually takes around more than 2 months

  3. Plug and use
    With eSIX CPE, once the IoT devices plugged into it, no installation and setup is required and all can be operated instantly, as well as we provide 7/24 technical support for all enterprices


The automobile parking space is a complicated environment, ready with a massive variety of sensors and cameras. Thanks to 5G excessive capacity, reliability, ultra-excessive speed, low latency, and more desirable mobility performance, install eSIX Xatellite 5G router withinside the automobile parking space to set up an excessive-speed, low delay, auto-failover, and strong community connection to transmit real-time statistics to the cloud server, so one can examine massive statistics to calculate the provision of parking areas in road parking areas or public and personal parking facilities, and replace parking area statistics in real-time in order that drivers can fast take a look at and seek parking areas withinside the automobile parking space APP.

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