Remotely Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis for Automotive Production

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Remotely Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis for Automotive Production


Chery is an automobile manufacturer mainly for sedans and SUVs, with production in around 15 countries. Chery and Jaguar Land Rover joint venture for an assembly production line in China for Jaguar and Land Rover cars.

Remote Production QC Challenges:

Transmit high resolution video via 5G public network (terminal has no static IP)
QC application is running on data center, real-time video processing
Bidirectional supervision control
Stable connection


edgeWares nDrift (layer-2 tunnel building features) creates a Layer-2 virtual network which bridges the communication from QC application on datacenter to production cameras over 5G network. edgeWares solution offers the bi-directional supervision and control of the production camera remotely, and the adaptive QoS guarantees the high bandwidth video demand.


Terminal Reverse-Access on 5G network
Overlay Tunnel: bridge different subnets over 5G

private network ⇔ outside datacenter

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