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Smart Lamp Posts

Smart lamp posts can be used to create a wireless network that can connect various devices like smart traffic lights, cameras, and other sensors. This enables real-time data collection and sharing, which helps in improving traffic management and public safety.

eSIX developed IPfiber technology to make these lamp posts to have always-on network all the way.



  1. Real time analysis
    Smart lamp posts are equipped with sensors that can monitor various environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and air quality. This data can be used to make informed decisions about city planning and management. eSIX makes always-on network connections

  2. Easy wiring
    Many sensors are installed inside the smart posts, It require power to make this on, eSIX CPE provide the Power over ethernet so it save a lot of wiring and provide extra space to install more different sensors inside the small hubs

  3. Save maintenance cost
    Smart lamp posts are sometimes installed in the rural area and are hard to maintain. eSIX CPE provides remote centralized functions which make the technician to fix the problem remotely without the distance barrier.


Overall, eSIX IPfiber is able to integrate smart lamp posts to play a crucial role in building a smart city by providing energy-efficient lighting, real-time monitoring, wireless connectivity, remote maintenance, and environmental sustainability. To be more, many different departments share the same lamp post in which the data have to be divided and get secured. eSIX is able to divide the same network steam into several ones and get it securely protected so different departments' data only be obtained without being leaked to another department.

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