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Superior internet connectivity will evolve sports experience

Fans today are not just interested to water the events but also keen to engage more with the event with live stats about their favorite teams/players, the venue, weather forecast and its impact the game, live chats etc. With eSIX 5G IPfiber, The player moves, how they handle the ball or racket, and analyze the likelihood of an injury



  1. Real time analysis
    Real-time analysis of the matches stats require stable and high data streaming capability, With eSIX infrastruction, network connectivity keeps on with zero-failover.

  2. Make before break
    Real-time video broadcasting with statistics becomes impossible without a stable and fast network. With the help of eSIX 5G IPfiber, a few networks have been established as a redundancy, once we detect the signals become weak, the network will shift to the stable one before it breaks.

  3. Barrier over the distance
    With the limitation of a stadium, number of people attending the event is limited, 5G changes the game. Facilitated by low latency and high bandwidth, geographical limitations are removed, reducing cost, improving sustainability and allowing creativity to flourish.


Delays are unacceptable when covering sports, live events, the news, or correspondent broadcasts, With eSIX network solutions, it provides low latency ensuring the network can comfortably rise to the challenge. Cable-free broadcasts also grant camera operators the freedom to roam and therefore cover a greater range of angles; and with network slicing, broadcasters can guarantee latency, bandwidth, and quality, even at events with huge numbers of spectators. eSIX solution has the ability to detect all the connection's quality, it will shift to the best connections before breaks

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